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Journal of the Plague Year COVID 19 Archive

The BCC Archives has teamed up with the Journal of a Plague Year: An Archive of Covid-19 (JOTPY) to contribute stories on their completely digital archive to collect from communities traditionally underrepresented in historical accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a part of our college, we want to hear your story! You are part of a diverse campus; one of the most diverse communities in the world. We know how hard the past year has been. Covid-19 has impacted us and our loved ones, and we all have important perspectives on this moment. Once you Share Your Story (https://covid-19archive.org/s/bronx-community-college-new-york/page/share-your-story) — whether individually, through your class, or your student organization — the BCC Archives and the JOTPY team will evaluate your submission and help make it searchable. You will have the opportunity to sign your name or keep your contribution confidential. Just know that all uploaded entries will then be made available to the public through our Collection (https://covid-19archive.org/s/bronx-community-college-new-york/page/browse-the-bronx-community-college-collection) page. We urge you to get involved, because unique voices will help educate future generations about today‚Äôs crisis.


Interviewee Consent Forms (for oral histories)

Standard Metadata Entry Sheet

Oral History Metadata Entry Sheet

Share Your Story User Guide

Audio-Video Recording Guide

Zoom Editing/Transcription Guide


See our collection and fair-use policy agreement at: https://covid-19archive.org/s/bronx-community-college-new-york/page/submission-agreement

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Any other questions can be directed to Prof. Cynthia Tobar, Head of Archives, at cynthia.tobar@bcc.cuny.edu

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